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About us

It’s your money. Shouldn’t you decide how to pay and get paid?

We believe you should have the right to pay for things however you choose. Plastiq gives you the ability to pay with a credit card—even if they don’t accept it. It lets you hold onto your cash and better manage your money. And if you’re the one getting paid? It can even help speed up payments and keep customers happy. We’re the intelligent payment system you’ve been looking for.

Our mission

It’s 2020 and many companies still force you to pay with a check? Are you sure that wire transfer is going through as planned? Why can’t you use the credit you’ve worked so hard to get?

You probably asked yourself these questions—just like we did. No, we didn’t find any good answers either. And that’s why we started Plastiq. We want everyone to pay how they want, have more control over their business finances, and get their money where it’s supposed to go quickly, efficiently and securely.

Our mission? To make it easier for businesses to pay and get paid, optimize cash flow, and control their finances.

Our investors

Now it’s your turn

Smart cardholders trust Plastiq to grow their business.

A rating by the Better Business Bureau

Bank grade security with advanced encryption

Trusted by over 1,000,000 customers

Billions in payments made globally

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