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Our incredibly diverse, exceptionally skilled team is making amazing things happen every day. We’re passionate, collaborative, and growing quickly. And would love having you as the newest member of the team!

Our employees are top-notch and we want you to feel the value you bring to Plastiq. We promote mastering new skills, building meaningful relationships, and providing access to limitless growth opportunities!

Our Values

Are you a GOAT?

At Plastiq we believe that each of our employees is destined for greatness! Our company values are more than a poster on the wall. We embody our values and they inform how we show up to work each day – literally! Our goal is for everyone to be their Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.)

But at Plastiq, G.O.A.T. also stands for something else:

G – Get it done
O – Own the outcome
A – Adapt with conviction
T – Trust the team

If this sounds like you, we’d love to see you working at Plastiq.


Competitive Salary and Equity

Our employees work hard and we believe they deserve competitive pay and the opportunity to be rewarded for all of the value they create at Plastiq. We pay men and women equally for equal work! We also review our compensation regularly to ensure we keep up with the market rate.

Full health care coverage

We believe that health is a priority. We offer full medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage to keep us all going strong. Employee premiums are 100% covered by us and dependent premiums are covered by us at 75%.

Awesome Vacation and Paid Holidays

Our full-time exempt employees enjoy a generous time off policy; paid time away that is not tracked nor accrued. Our full-time, non-exempt employees accrue three weeks of paid time away each year. And we observe all traditional and bank holidays.

Whether it’s a family vacation or a nasty fever, we’ve got you covered!

Paid parental leave

We offer 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents, with flexible options upon returning to work. Becoming a parent is a big deal and we want to support our new parents as much as we can at this special time.

Personal growth

We strive to provide every team member with the tools and support needed to reach their full professional potential. This includes unique rewards to help enjoy life outside of Plastiq and grow personally each year at Plastiq, including budget for conferences, training and seminars, and travel.

Commuter benefits

Commuting is usually not easy or fun, so we try to relieve some of the burdens by offering pre-tax transit benefits for public transportation, parking, and rideshare.

Catered Meals

Tasty local meals are provided in the office several days each week. Enjoy bonding with teammates over something we all love: food.

Gym membership discount

It’s good to work-out and with all the food around the office, some of us really want to, so we’ve negotiated a good group rate for everyone to take advantage of.

Employees Use Plastiq Free!

You can make payments on Plastiq for free, when you sign up for Plastiq with your plastiq.com email! You can earn rewards, cash back, free flights and hotel stay – whatever your card supports – all without paying the Plastiq fee.

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